Saturday, July 21, 2012

Nice View From Tambo and Marcelo

Last April 2012, I have the previlege to visit my home town in Tambo, Mabini, Bohol. I take some picture in my beloved barangay. We go to barangay Marcelo where there is beach, i take picture in Kawasihan.

This is kawasihan where i enjoy swimming before when I just a kid

I climb in the highest hill in Tambo where I'm able to see the nice view of kadamon. This area is where my father taking fish.

Part of Marcelo beach, today the barrangay was not able to maintain the beauty of this beach. Sayang!!!

Far in the background is the naasog, legend tell my mother that in their lolos and lolas time, they are able to borrowed plate or any kitchen utensils for the use of fiestas or wedding. but some folk did not return the borrowed items, at this time we are afraid to go there. But some humor says that two cousin is now became rich because they found treasures in naasog.